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Does your home honor the sacred within you? Or is it a collection of random objects that serve a purpose but fail to nourish your soul? Perhaps it contains things you love, but over the years, has become a maze of clutter, congested with relics from the past. Our intentions to clean, clear and reorganize often get overshadowed by life’s demands.

In my book Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life, you’ll learn a simple method of blessing your home that turns it into a sacred space. As you work my Astro Feng Shui system, you’ll transform every area of your home one step at a time. Each month, you’ll manifest business and personal goals that previously eluded you, and deepen your self-understanding.

Feng Shui is the art of placement–purposefully arranging one’s environment to create a flow of ch’i (energy) and well being. A home radiates the energetic vibe of those who live there. If you are creative and joyful, your home will reflect that. If you are often angry or depressed, your home will have a dull or stagnant energy, regardless of how nicely you arrange it. We’ve all seen picture-perfect homes that felt devoid of soul. And, even if the furniture is a bit shabby, some homes simply radiate openness and love. The idea is to be at home in your home, able to breathe deeply and relax—whether you live in an apartment, a trailer or a mansion.

Your home’s exterior also reflects your state of mind and heart. There’s a house down the street that I pass each day on my walk. Once lovely, it has fallen into disrepair and weeds surround it. Perhaps the owner has given up on life. However, by nurturing his surroundings with a little loving care, he would go a long way toward mending whatever ails him.