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“A week after performing a ritual in my money gua, following Simone’s system, I had an offer to write a book for a major publisher. The advance was equal to my total earnings for the previous year!”
April Elliott Kent, author, Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

“Combining feng shui principles with new moon magic, Simone offers a fine new spin on the tired old question, ‘What shall we do with this new moon?’ The benefits of her new moon practice are thoroughly researched and inspiring. If you’d like to shift the energy in your home and life, buy this book!”
Dana Gerhardt, columnist for The Mountain Astrologer, Astrodienst

“Simone’s unique combination of western astrological principles with the contemporary feng shui bagua is absolutely brilliant, and opens up a new level of practical applications for any home. I am excited about applying the new moon rituals to my home and life. In fact, I’ll be cleaning up my desk in my Knowledge gua at the next new moon, which is my birthday—the perfect time to create an empowerment/intention ritual for the coming year.”
Stephanie Roberts, author, Fast Feng Shui series

“It’s puzzling to me that something this innocuous could be so powerful, but it proves itself month in and month out. I think it’s directly tied to intention – what we intend and believe will happen, happens.”
Sue Lemontre, Astro Feng Shui study participant