Cancer New Moon Ritual: Invoke the Ancestors

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Ancestor Blessing Ritual

The July 4 Cancer New Moon (4:01 a.m. PDT) is an important time to gather family around you–both living and departed. The ancestors have much to share with us, such as their love (as displayed in this 1913 photo of my grandparents just before they married), courage and dedication.

You will need: Pictures of one or more ancestors (not necessarily blood relations) to whom you feel a strong connection and whose help you are requesting, a green candle, an offering of food or drink, table settings.

You may wish to cook a special meal for your ancestors (Dad’s favorite dish or Mom’s signature dessert). Or, keep it simple by pouring Dad’s chosen brand of beer or Mom’s favorite soda pop. Set places at the table for yourself and the ancestors, preferably in your Family gua. Don’t let this ritual spook you; the ancestors want to help us, and are only waiting to be asked. Feeding them is an ancient form of reverence and honor. You may also wish to play music that reminds you of them during the meal.

Light the green candle, and call forth your ancestors by name. Say, “At this New Moon, I honor you and the special place you hold in my heart. I offer you this nourishment and send blessings from this side of the veil.” Now, ask them for specific aid. Was Dad a strong, take-charge character? Ask him to give you strength, so you can conquer a challenge you are facing. Was Mom an especially nurturing or insightful person? Request her aid with mending relations between you and a family member.

Serve the food or drink, as if the ancestors were physically present with you. Consume your portion slowly, feeling love and appreciation for your relations. Listen closely for any words of wisdom they might whisper in your ear. When the meal is complete, thank them for their help. You may take their portion of the food to someone who is hungry, leave it outside for animals to consume, or pour the liquids onto your plants to nourish them. Blow out the candle, and affirm that your problem is solved.


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  1. Kimmie Says:

    Always great advice. So funny. I am making jewelry in the rock room. Using rocks of course. It was getting a wee bit out of sorts. Guess I got the EB. Spent the morning of the 4th redoing my grid in the shelves provided by “chance”…..manifesto. I will spend a couple minutes picking up the filler rocks and organizing of course. The key to all success is organization. Haste makes waste is not just a saying. Ebbing on in peace. Kimmie

  2. Wendy Says:

    This is an amazing time for me and I want to take full advantage of it.Do I just sit back and let things happen or run like a viper and get it all done .?? Hummm exciting for me. Love positive expectations. Thank You

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