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Aries New Moon Ritual: Pump Up Your Life Force

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The April 7 Aries New Moon (4:24 a.m. PDT) is a powerhouse time to set new career intentions or reinvigorate your existing goals. Yet with Mars turning retrograde only ten days later, you may need to be patient about seeing results.

Now it’s time to work the Career gua inside and outside your front door. For best results, be sure to sweep, clean and energize this area at the New Moon.

This Astro Feng Shui ritual will help light a fire under you by pumping up your life force.

You will need: A red candle, a goblet of water, a pen and paper.

Position your candle at a comfortable and safe spot in your Career gua. Set the goblet of water nearby. Light the candle and focus on the flame to center yourself. Take some deep breaths and consider your immediate goals for your career. Imagine an inner Sun in your solar plexus, with a fire burning in the center of it. On the inhale, fan that fire and drop into it any negative thoughts, emotions, or images that are standing in your way from experiencing a healthy career or from moving forward. On the exhale, transform all that’s been incinerated into light that radiates out of every pore.

Continue this breathing pattern until your thoughts and feelings have been neutralized. (If you know the Breath of Fire, which involves taking rapid breaths into your belly through your nose, you can include it). When you feel complete, bring your awareness to your heart and feel appreciation.

Dip your fingers into the goblet, and flick a little water onto your solar plexus area, to affirm your cleansing and renewal. Then, write down what you wish to achieve within the next 30-day time frame. Keep it realistic; if you shoot too high and your subconscious mind rebels, you may set yourself up for disappointment (i.e. “I now win $100 million in the lottery.”)

Here are a few realistic examples: “I now welcome 10 new paying clients who are greatly benefited by the services I offer.” Or, “I now find the energy and resolve to create a terrific website.” Speak the words aloud and give thanks that it is done. Fold the paper and slip it under or near the candle (remember to blow it out later).

Check out this mini-video, below, to see how one woman transformed her Career gua around her front porch.

Pisces New Moon Ritual: Water Gazing

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The Pisces New Moon/total solar eclipse (March 8, 5:54 p.m. PST)) packs a wallop, due to its strong connections with Wounded Healer Chiron, growth-oriented Jupiter and boundary-setting Saturn. Though the energy is transcendent, it may also feel like you’re lost at sea. This ritual will help align you with your Higher Self or Source to find your way–and boost your spiritual, mental and physical health.

Pisces is connected to the Health gua, or center of your home. Put a healthy new plant in a ceramic pot somewhere in this area, or set out a bowl of fresh yellow lemons. Cleanse, sage and sweep this region thoroughly. Then, perform this ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life, either the night before or evening of the New Moon.

You will need: A dark glass or ceramic bowl, water from a spring, lake or other natural source, a fresh-cut twig, yellow candle, nature-themed music and your favorite incense.

Water gazing or scrying is an ancient divination technique for penetrating the depths of the subconscious mind and/or getting messages from the beyond. This ritual should be done at night. People used to scry on the surface of a lake by the light of the Moon. In this ritual, we’ll be scrying indoors using water from a natural source. Ideally, this should be rainwater or water collected from a lake or stream, but bottled spring water will also work.

At the New Moon, light your yellow candle in your Health gua, and find a comfortable spot to sit and scry for a half hour or so. Light your favorite incense, and put on music that reminds you of nature. Place the candle near your scrying bowl to illuminate your task. All other lights should be kept low.

Formulate a question about something that’s been troubling you. This may concern your health or another topic. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, then stir the water with your twig. Once it becomes smooth again, stare at the water’s surface. Soft-focusing your eyes may help you “see.” Continue staring, holding your question in mind, until you see an image or a shape that speaks to you, or you receive a strong feeling message. Let your intuition interpret this message. Be patient, to see if another message wants to appear. When you feel complete, blow out the candle and give thanks for the inspiration you’ve received, however subtle or mysterious. Watch your dreams for further revelations about what your message might mean.

And, check out the mini-video below to learn how one couple enhanced their Health gua and received some surprising returns! (Note: the Health gua relates to both the Virgo and Pisces New Moons).

Aquarius New Moon Ritual: Calling the Angels

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Calling The Angels

For this ritual you will need: a white or silver pillar candle, a silver box, an angel figure or picture, a paper on which you’ve written your needs, and music that inspires your soul.

The Aquarius New Moon falls on Feb. 8 at 6:39 a.m. PST. And, it coincides with the Chinese New Year and the entrance of the bold, brilliant Year of the Fire Monkey. At this New Moon, it’s time to ask for help in making your dreams come true, handling your most pressing concerns, or benefiting the collective. Purify yourself before the ritual by bathing in scented salts or oil, then dress in flowing garments.

Sit in your Helpful People gua just to the right of your front door as you enter (which you have already cleansed and de-cluttered), put on the music and light the candle. Ask the angelic realm to be present at your ritual. You can call on particular guides like Archangel Michael or Gabriel, or an ancestor who serves as a guardian angel for you. Gaze at your angelic image as you tune in to that realm. Then, read your list, asking for the specific aid you require. This maybe something like, “Please protect me in my upcoming journey,” or “Please bring me $1200 by the end of this month.” You can also ask for help for other people.

When you’re complete, put the paper into the silver box, and blow out the candle. Thank the angels for the fulfillment of your wishes. And, watch the mini-slide-show below to see how I helped one young woman transform her Helpful People gua just prior to the Aquarius New Moon!

Capricorn New Moon: Toot Your Horn

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The Capricorn New Moon (Jan. 9, 5:31 p.m. PST) initiates a new cycle for your work, self-esteem and higher calling.  Yet due to the recent retrogrades of Mercury and Jupiter, it’s wise to take things slowly this month and review and integrate the past rather than trying to start something brand new.

It’s a good time to activate your Fame gua – the area of your home directly opposite your front entry. Add some red or fiery elements to this area, or a symbol of the work for which you’d like to become known. Then, perform this ritual as near to the New Moon as possible.

You will need: Access to a computer, or pen and paper, and a red candle.

Being recognized for your accomplishments, talents or opinions can bring up insecurities. The New Moon period that covers the next month is about putting yourself out there despite any fears. You may want to start on a small scale. At the New Moon, commit to doing one of the following:

* Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about a timely issue that matters to you. Be bolder than usual in the way you express yourself.

* Do a blog or Facebook post, expressing a potentially controversial opinion about something, or tooting your own horn in some way.

* Approach an authority figure about hiring you, or buying, publicizing or representing your work. Express confidence in your abilities.

At the New Moon, light a red candle and affirm your courageous next step, along with the results you’d like to see in terms of acknowledgement and recognition. Then, follow through, do what’s required to manifest your intentions, and see what happens. And be sure to watch the video below, to see how one couple transformed their Fame gua. Soon after making these changes, the husband got a big promotion, and the wife saw her photographs published in both local and international magazines and books!

Sagittarius New Moon Ritual: Treasure Mapping

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The upcoming Sagittarius New Moon (Dec. 11, 2:29 am PST) PST) packs extra punch for visioning your goals, with its energizing square to far-seeing Jupiter. Even if you’re not sure what you want next in your life, working with images can reveal your subconscious desires.

You will need: magazines, a poster board of any size, glue stick, scissors, glitter glue (the ones for fabrics work best) or other decorations. If you’re going to frame your creation, choose the appropriate-sized frame and board.

Treasure-mapping is a perfect activity for a Sagittarius New Moon, which is about looking at the big picture of your life. Also called a vision board, a treasure map magnetizes new possibilities into being. You can make one for something specific—such as a new home, relationship or job—or simply for something you want more of, such as peace, love or health.

First, decide which goal to focus on. Then, peruse magazines for corresponding images and words. Rather than letting your logical mind prevail, allow the unconscious mind to participate. Breathe deep, let go and ask the Archer for guidance. Even if an image doesn’t seem to relate to the theme, yet it speaks to you strongly, tear it out. Choose more images than you will ultimately include. Once you have a pile of images and words, begin arranging them on the board in ways that feel right. Then, paste them down with glue stick. If desired, add affirmations with a felt-tipped pen.

When you’re complete, you can outline images with glitter glue or paste down other items. Then, post your creation someplace you’ll look at it daily, like the refrigerator or over your desk. Your subconscious mind will attract what you’ve pictured; be patient, though, as the process can take time.

Scorpio New Moon Ritual: Bury the Past

Author: simone  //  Category: Scorpio New Moon, Wealth Gua

The Nov. 11 Scorpio New Moon (9:47 a.m. PST) is a wonderful time to let go of old problems or attachments, and welcome a rebirth. Scorpio corresponds with the Wealth Gua of your home – the far left corner from the front door. Make sure you clean, clear and beautify this area prior to the New Moon, then light a purple candle to affirm your new beginning after doing the ritual.

You will need: A shovel or spade and a place to dig. An item that symbolizes what you’re releasing, a piece of paper on which you have written your intentions, and matches or a lighter. Do this ritual at night, either in your backyard or a public place like a park – as long as you’re discreet!

Scorpio demands a sacrifice before bestowing its blessings. Therefore, at this New Moon you will be letting go of something or someone to which you are attached—or even addicted. This could be a lover who isn’t good for you, a food or drink you can’t live without, or an old attitude about money that’s standing in the way of your wealth.

Decide what you are ready to sacrifice, and imagine how you’ll feel once you’re free of it. When you’re clear, write down what you are releasing, and what blessings you’d like to trade for your freedom (Scorpio loves to barter). Find an item that represents what you are releasing (such as a bag of potato chips, or a picture of your former flame). Dig a hole and sit next to it, with your item and paper in hand. Call on Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, to aid your quest. Tell Pluto your sorrows, your difficulties with this attachment or addiction, and how much you need relief. Pour your feelings down the hole. Shedding tears will fertilize the rite.

Now read what’s on your paper, set it on fire and throw it in the hole. Once the paper has burned down, say goodbye to your symbolic item, add it to the grave, then fill in the hole. Give thanks to Mother Earth for composting your offering. And, thank Pluto for giving you the strength to let go of the past and welcome in a fresh start.

Libra New Moon Ritual: Feeling the Love

Author: simone  //  Category: Libra New Moon, Love Gua

The Libra New Moon (Oct. 12, 5:06 p.m. PDT) is an ideal time to invoke more love into your life. Lasting changes can happen with this New Moon, since it coincides with a beautiful Jupiter-Pluto trine in earth signs. You’ll want to prepare your Love gua (far right hand corner in the back of your home) ahead of time by clearing, cleansing and blessing it, as well as adding enhancements – pairs of animals, images of happy couples, things in romantic shades of pink, purple, burgundy or peach. Here is a ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life, to get you in a loving mood.

You will need: a yard of pretty pink fabric and a yard of pink ribbon, five small pieces of rose quartz, a bottle of rose essential oil and a pink candle.

As an astrologer, I often hear from desperate folks who long for a lasting romance, when the real problem lies within—with a lack of self-love that prevents them from attracting a loving partner. As astrologer Caroline Casey says in her brilliant book, Making the Gods Work for You, “Love unites us with the community, whereas romance addiction isolates us; we seek total fulfillment through another and, consumed in small dramas, neglect to give our gift to the community.”

With this in mind, I am not going to give you a traditional love spell for this New Moon. Instead, the following ritual will open your heart and strengthen your love for yourself and others.

Cut the pink fabric into five pieces, about 5” by 5”. Then, cut the ribbon into five, 5” pieces. Light the pink candle in your Love gua, and anoint it with rose oil. In addition, anoint the stones with rose oil, as you think loving thoughts. Place each stone into the center of a square of fabric, and tie it with a piece of ribbon. Put one bag on your altar in the Love gua, affirming love for yourself. Blow out the candle or let it burn down.

Give the other four bags to people you love, telling them how you feel. Include your mate, if you have one. If not, give three of the bags to people you love, and put the fourth in the Love gua along with your bag. Give thanks to Venus, the goddess of love, for sending you all the love you need. You may feel inspired to do loving things for your community over the next few weeks. Take advantage of the chance to generate good karma.

Virgo New Moon Ritual: Focused Relaxation

Author: simone  //  Category: Health Gua, Virgo New Moon

Because the Sept. 13 New Moon (11:41 p.m. PDT) is also a solar eclipse and happens quite near an otherworldly Jupiter-Neptune opposition, we’ll need our wits about us to stay focused and use these energies wisely. Yet this New Moon brings a strong potential to commit to a path of service or improve your health and habit patterns. To activate the Health gua at the center of your home, perform this centering ritual near the New Moon.

You will need: Sage leaves or packaged sage tea, a yellow candle, lavender essential oil, relaxing music.

First, make sure your Health gua has been thoroughly cleansed and prepared. Then, boil water, pour it over the tea and let it steep while you do the relaxation exercise. Place the cup in your Health gua, and light the yellow candle. Then, put on your relaxing music and position yourself comfortably in a prone position on a couch, bed or the floor. Anoint your upper lip with lavender oil so you can inhale its relaxing qualities.

Give yourself about ten minutes for this simple but amazingly powerful process. Take a few deep breaths, then direct your attention to your feet. Hold your focus there briefly while you feel your feet relax. Then, as you move upward, do the same for each body part, in this order: Ankles, calves, thighs, pelvis and belly, lower back, middle back, upper back and chest, back of the neck, back of the head, top of the head, forehead, eyes and behind the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw, tongue, throat and behind the throat, tops of the shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, hands. Continue breathing deeply and slowly throughout this exercise.

When you have finished, rise slowly and take your cup of tea. Sit in or near the Health gua, and think about your New Moon intentions for greater health, relaxation or work fulfillment as you sip your tea. Gaze at the candle as you meditate on the improvements you wish to make. You may also write your intentions down, and place them near the candle. Repeat the focused relaxation process any time you feel stressed. Doing this practice for even five minutes can make a big difference for your health and well being.

Leo New Moon Ritual: Balloon Bliss

Author: simone  //  Category: Creativity Gua, Leo New Moon

Balloon Bliss

The August 14 Leo New Moon (7:53 a.m. PDT) is energized by a conjunction with convivial Venus. Since Venus is midway through her retrograde journey, it’s a great time to return a creative pursuit or do things to reclaim your joy and love for life.

Now we’re working the Creativity gua, in the middle of the south side of your home, as you enter the front door. Make sure it’s clean, clear and sparkling with bright, creative energy. Then, perform this ritual just prior to or at the New Moon.

You will need: A small bottle of bergamot or sandalwood oil. Five brightly colored flat balloons to blow up (or, you can use helium-filled balloons). Paper for writing down your intentions, rubber bands and fun, upbeat music.

The sign of Leo is all about creating more joy in our lives. This ritual is intended to reawaken your childlike wonder and sense of fun, which will lend power to your intentions.

At the New Moon, after you have cleaned and prepared your Creativity gua, sit down in that area and list five qualities you want more of, each on a small piece of paper. For example, perhaps you’d like more laughter, tolerance, joy, inspiration and abundance. When you are finished writing, choose a different color balloon to represent each quality you seek. Then, blow up each balloon, magnifying each quality as you blow. Tie each wish onto a balloon. Anoint it with the essential oil. Arrange the balloons in your Creativity gua however you like, either tied together as a festive bunch, or hanging from strings throughout the gua.      

Next, put on your favorite, upbeat music and dance your wishes into your body. Laugh, shout, jump around and really feel these qualities take root in your being. Inhale the blissful scent of the essential oil. Dance until joy is suffused throughout your being. Then, give thanks for the fulfillment of your wishes. You can leave the balloons up for as long as you like, but be sure to remove them when they start to go limp.

For more inspiration on enhancing your Creativity gua, watch this mini-video.

Cancer New Moon Ritual: Invoke the Ancestors

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Ancestor Blessing Ritual

The July 15 Cancer New Moon (6:24 pm PDT) is an important time to gather family around you–both living and departed. And, communicating with other realms is especially important now, with Mercury conjunct Mars in Cancer too. The ancestors have much to share with us, such as their love (witness this 1913 photo of my grandparents just before they married), courage and dedication.

You will need: Pictures of one or more ancestors (not necessarily blood relations) to whom you feel a strong connection and whose help you are requesting, a green candle, an offering of food or drink, table settings.

You may wish to cook a special meal for your ancestors (Dad’s favorite dish or Mom’s signature dessert). Or, keep it simple by pouring Dad’s chosen brand of beer or Mom’s favorite soda pop. Set places at the table for yourself and the ancestors, preferably in your Family gua. Don’t let this ritual spook you; the ancestors want to help us, and are only waiting to be asked. Feeding them is an ancient form of reverence and honor. You may also wish to play music that reminds you of them during the meal.

Light the green candle, and call forth your ancestors by name. Say, “At this New Moon, I honor you and the special place you hold in my heart. I offer you this nourishment and send blessings from this side of the veil.” Now, ask them for specific aid. Was Dad a strong, take-charge character? Ask him to give you strength, so you can conquer a challenge you are facing. Was Mom an especially nurturing or insightful person? Request her aid with mending relations between you and a family member.

Serve the food or drink, as if the ancestors were physically present with you. Consume your portion slowly, feeling love and appreciation for your relations. Listen closely for any words of wisdom they might whisper in your ear. When the meal is complete, thank them for their help. You may take their portion of the food to someone who is hungry, leave it outside for animals to consume, or pour the liquids onto your plants to nourish them. Blow out the candle, and affirm that your problem is solved.


Gemini New Moon: Embrace Your Truth

Author: simone  //  Category: Gemini New Moon, Knowledge Gua


The June 16 New Moon in Gemini (7:05  a.m. PDT) conjoins warrior Mars – bringing a powerful opportunity to clear your mind and harness the power of your truth.

For this ritual, you will need: A blue candle, notebook and pen.

Light the candle in your Knowledge gua (to the left of the front door as you enter). Thank your spiritual guides for being present.

Take your notebook and write at the top of the page: “Embracing My Truth.” Then, ask yourself: Is there anything I’m doing or thinking that is not in alignment with my higher truth? It may relate to your job, marriage, health habits or communication with a friend. Make notes on this for a few minutes. Be honest with yourself. If something isn’t working, admit that you just can’t do it that way anymore. You don’t need to take any action at this time. Just be with the awareness. Then, give thanks to your guides for helping you with this issue and blow out the candle.

Listen to your thoughts and feelings throughout the month. If you are angry or frustrated, acknowledge your feelings without forcing yourself to do anything about them. Continue writing in your journal. You may be surprised at the ideas and solutions that occur to you! If you feel guided to do so, make appropriate changes. You are likely to receive further information on your issue around the July 1 Full Moon.


Taurus New Moon Ritual: Grow Your Wealth

Author: simone  //  Category: Taurus New Moon, Wealth Gua

The May 17 Taurus New Moon (9:13 p.m. PDT) is a grand opportunity to allow more wealth into your life. Wealth is not just money, of course–it’s also well being, at which Taurus excels. But if you’re in need of some green stuff in your life, try this ritual at the New Moon, and see what blessings unfold for you in the following two weeks.

Grow Your Abundance

You will need: a green or flowering plant, a small piece of amethyst, a hundred dollar bill (or whatever denomination you have access to).

Find a place to sit in your Wealth gua (far left corner of your home), with the plant beside you. Put the piece of amethyst on top of the bill, take a deep breath, and exhale slowly onto the crystal. Visualize money flowing into your hands.

Then say the following words:

Cash and crystal, on you I blow
My blessings and hopes, a seed to sow.

Bring money to me – let it flow
Like abundant rain, then make it grow.

Give thanks, then bury the crystal in the plant and leave it in your Wealth gua (or put it in the yard outside that gua). Water and care for it well. Put the hundred dollar bill in your wallet, and carry it around for two weeks. Break it at the Full Moon, gratefully affirming your wealth.

Watch my new mini-video to see how I helped one woman spiff up her Wealth gua!


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Wish to know steps to start a car parts online-business? Beginning a car components business online isn’t very difficult, but accomplishment involves difference from opponents to entice customers, and hardwork, homework, and tenacity to establish confidence and maintain customers. Merchandise A car spare parts business, as the label recommends entails marketing spares and extras to automobile owners.Not all automobile owners possess the time or propensity traveling all the way to the supplier to get spares, and the vendor themselves would prefer building fresh car revenue as opposed to make nuts promoting spares.This lifts the opportunity for an automobile spare parts business, and an online undertaking, where the consumer may buy to features and ensure the product reaches property as opposed to search for that particular extra in different retailers is an excellent business thought. The initial requirement of steps to start an auto parts online-business is a continual way to obtain auto-parts. For this, the businessman has to decide in the onset the goal market. For choosing the niche two frequent angles are kind that best essay writing service reviews is accent or automobile type. Selecting a niche aids concentrate advertising attempts, obtain target, and provides a differentiation from competitors. Picking a niche that is also narrow, however, can cause needless lack of revenue potential. Irrespective of products’ range bought, the time and effort remains the identical.

Work with a canvas tarp, doubled bungee and over – grounded on, or stored with timber in place.

One excellent idea is to pay attention to the most popular and fast -transferring things, but preventing areas that a lowering has been triggered by cutthroat competition to some minimum that is bare to income. Tackle investigation that is comprehensive, and communicate with people in the auto components business. Some exposure while in the auto components marketplace, at the same time as a student in a spare parts shop for 2-3 weeks, helps in a big way. Selling Style Having identified the niche, the next thing to start an auto parts online businesses is always to assure a constant supply of parts. weekly ad Two enterprise types relevant for ecommerce are enrolling as online marketers, and enlisting Identifying online manufacturers or wholesalers dropshippers or vendors who get the pieces from suppliers or the manufactures and ship for the customer based on guidelines for a commission. This product decreases pitfalls and overhead and eliminates the requirement to preserve inventory.

Thus, it is not dispensable to produce a fantastic language.

Locating the elements from the mortar and brick automobile areas to vessel after packaging to buyers. This calls for investment in purchasing oer storing stocks, or a powerful romance using an offline company, to list their magazines and resource the merchandise. Site There is, although officially not just a mandatory requirement a web site almost invaluable for any web business. The several choices for online selling contain: Starting a full-fledged site by enrolling a site name and hiring server area Signing up for free websites at, or other related sources Enrolling retailers at preferred e commerce sites such as eBay as well as other market websites Starting a completely independent full-fledged site filled with repayment possibilities and shopping cart is the best selection to get a qualified set up. Different selection such as joining merchants at eBay along with other websites, and record in business directories that are significant depend as additional marketing initiatives. The internet site must incorporate a comprehensive explanation of each merchandise including images, specs, proportions, proposed uses, materials found in pricing production, and other applicable info. Other essential information relating to the net pages are conditions of sales policy, return and return policy. Be sure to assure the internet site remains clutter-free, with the individual able to identify what they wish effortlessly. One excellent hint would be to classify the merchandise into performance parts, replacement parts, custom parts and also other applicable teams.

Asking questions during an appointment is essential.

Creating and establishing the website needs some knowledge of publishing and development capabilities. In case you are incapable in such factors, contemplate outsourcing to an freelancer for cost effectiveness. Pricing One crucial element of success in an internet business is pricing. It’s necessary to value these products reasonably relative to player’s offers and prices at classic physical retailers. Car spare components are extremely price sensitive, and also a little difference in costs can lead to los of customers. Free transport is offered by most stores that are online, with this product, the pricing has to include shipping expenses aswell. The pricing additionally depends on the shipping policy, return policy, the appearance required, the drop shipper’s percentage, if any, and other elements that are equivalent. Other Pre-Launch Tasks The duties you need to do while creating a website, and before graduation of business businesses include: Establish courier and delivery brokers to supply products.

To acquiring the activity, you link the chance of pain.

Of significance is deciding the prices for distinct products to various destinations merchant account and Opening bankaccount with service for receiving credit-card payments Shooting sample goods in an expert approach to upload towards the site Sourcing packaging products setting-up any office. However, although a web-based business could work in the limits of the home, ensure a separate space for your company, and in terms of possible, special assets including computers and furniture. Marketing Having founded the web site, the primary concern of how to start an auto parts online business stays marketing. The most effective type of marketing for marketers is search engine optimizations or SEO. The approaches to market an online business incorporate: promotion the internet site while in the tag-line, presenting guidance and answering inquiries linked to auto components, and Playing various online forums. Joining at-all achievable e commerce websites and directory results., nevertheless, need consideration centered on possible readers. Getting prospective consumers through article marketing towards the website and beginning a blog. Offline promotion by mailing vehicle groups, offering press announcements to newspapers and business magazines, select commercials, wordofmouth advertising to pals and exhibit stickers on private and buddy’s autos. Success Factors The accomplishment of any web business is dependent upon establishing popularity and trust.

Check the assessment to learn more, together with a choose the factor out.

The methods to identify such trust and popularity are by Rewarding orders effectively Immediate and reliable shipment, adhering to academic words for essay writing the shipping terms and conditions plainly specified at time of order Having a return or return plan and adhering to the exact same Offering for support by cellphone, email and online conversation. Providing 24/7 support may involve selecting some colleagues. Many people lose the purchase-what-you-view center of the physical retail store for the online store for ease and cost-savings, and the web business that delivers the client with these two expectations, while matching the confidence offered by traditional offline merchants, stands a great potential for success. Referrals Supplier: creatoris knowledge Photograph Credits: S / C.C. 2.0 License MorgueFile/o0o0xmods0o0o / MorgueFileFree Permit >